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Tourism Growth & Development Projections

Creating a Sustainable Navajo Economy Through Tourism

Our Commitment to Culture, Community, and the Land

The Navajo Tourism Department holds the potential to generate up to $212 million and sustain approximately 2,188 jobs in the tourism and hospitality sectors.*

By driving marketing efforts both internationally and nationally, the department can substantially bolster this economic force, attracting visitors to the Navajo Nation.

Furthermore, by supporting economic development projects, the department can:

  • Further foster tourism growth.
  • Contribute to the sustainable community economic development.
  • Emphasizing sustainable, responsible tourism practices and cultural sensitivity to Navajo traditions and teachings

The department is committed to promoting an enriching and respectful visitor experience, ensuring the preservation of the Navajo Nation's natural and cultural heritage.

In addition, the department is dedicated to collaborating with Navajo-owned and operated tour companies, forging partnerships that support local enterprises and further empower the Navajo community.

*Cited in the 2018 Economic Impact Study/ASU