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NBOA Priority Certification

How to Register for NBOA Certification

How to Register for NBOA Priority Certfication

Complete the Application

Download the Application

Complete the application form. If your business falls under two categories (e.g., General Contractor and Professional Services), submit one application and detail services under "Duties and Responsibilities of Owner" and "Organizational Chart."

Gather Documentation
  1. Proof of EIN or Social Security Number
  2. List of Past Projects or Work
  3. Duties and Responsibilities of Owner(s) or Highest Echelon
  4. Certificate of Indian Blood or copy of Tribal ID Card
Be in Compliance
  • Business Site Lease holders must be in compliance with the Real Estate Regulatory Department.
  • Navajo Nation Loan Holders must be current on payments with no outstanding interest due.
  • Veterans status will be confirmed by the NN Veterans Adminstration.
Register with ONTC
  • A current FORM-100 must be completed and filed with the Office of Navajo Tax Commission.
  • You must file all tax documents including the FORM-100 with the Navajo Tax Commission.
  • Found on the NNTC website > Forms > Sales Tax > Form 100.
  • DO NOT send the FORM-100 or any other tax documents to the BRD. 

Return the Application to the BRD

Completed applications to be submitted to the Business Regulatory Department by mail, in-person, or using the application submission form on this page.

Please allow 14 days for applications to be processed.

Approved businesses will receive notice by email and post mail along with a Certificate of Priority Status to be delivered by mail to the business mailing address. 

Businesses whose applications are rejected will be notified by mail and/or email. Corrections and/or additional documents can be resubmitted by mail, in-person, or by our website form. 

Next Steps

NBOA Priority Status is active for one-year from date of certification, and the BRD will maintain a record of your business along with services offered on the NBOA source list. 

Return By Mail:

Business Regulatory Department
ATTN: NBOA Registration
PO Box 663, Window Rock, AZ 86515

Return In Person:

Business Regulatory Department
Karigan Professional Office Bldg. Ste 210
100 Taylor Road, St Michaels, AZ 86511

Submit NBOA Certification Application

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Contact Information

Contact Name*
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Did you include the following in your application? Failure to file correct and accurate documentation may result in delays in NBOA certification and/or rejection of application.
Proof of EIN or Social Security Number?*
List of Past Projects and/or Work?*
Certificate of Indian Blood or Tribal ID?*
Duties and Responsibilities of Owner(s)?*
And/or Highest Echelon (e.g. upper management, executives).
Have you filed your FORM-100 with the ONTC?*
Are you a US Veteran?*
Do you an outstanding loan with the Navajo Nation?*
Do you have a Business Site Lease?*
Drop files here or
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    Upload your complete NBOA Application, and any additional documents you may have. PDF format is preferred.
    This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

    NBOA Re-Certification

    Recertify Your Business

    Staying up to date with your business certifications is a key component in maintaining a good relationship with our offices. Please refer to the following re-certification forms prior to expiration dates.

    • 1

      Updated Application

      1. Application must be updated if there are any significant changes in the business (e.g. change in ownership) OR
      2. If Certification Expired More Than Three (3) Months OR
      3. If Application is More Than Two (2) Years Old

    • 2


      1. List of projects for the past year with certification.
      2. Type or projects.
      3. Location of projects.
      4. Estimated dollar amount for each project.

    • 3

      Changes and/or Modifications

      1. Business plan.
      2. Contact information.
      3. Changes in activities.
      If a change in ownership has occurred the following must be submitted with a new application:
      1. List duties & responsibilities of new owners.
      2. Updated organizational chart reflecting changes.
      3. Updated business plan.