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Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren
Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren

State of the Economy

Our top priority will be investing in business development, creating sustainable jobs, and strengthening the workforce. With my experience in developing infrastructure, improving roads, and extending electricity and water lines throughout the Navajo Nation, we can improve business development and growth.


Develop the tourism industry to create jobs and bring in new revenue. Tourism offers opportunities for the development of dining, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and hotel facilities.


Develop business and entrepreneur incubators to empower risk-takers, and support Navajo business through technology, innovation, and mentorship.


Develop more gravel pits to make it easier to pave and repair dirt roads. Create and maintain a workforce of heavy equipment personnel.


Cut the red tape and make land easily accessible by working to resolve federal and tribal laws that hinder land development.


Improve broadband technology, internet service and cell phone signal for our people in their homes, businesses, health care centers, public safety, education facilities, and all 110 chapters


Work to secure more funding through our local states.


Establish a program to increase the number of local farmers and ranchers.


Develop an energy plan that includes clean energy sources, such as solar and wind farms, to provide sustainable energy for homes and revenues back to the Navajo Nation.


Work on the manufacturing and training of our people to build and assemble solar panels and windmill parts to create jobs.

Navajo Nation DIvision of Economic Development Director Tony Skrelunans and his Grandfather

Navajo Nation Economic Development Division Director Tony Skrelunas enjoying time spent with his 103 year-old acheii (maternal grandfather).

Message from the Division of Economic Development Director


There are significant opportunities within our great Navajo Nation for you to grow, build, and locate a meaningful business in one our communities. We have unmatched world class attractions, vibrant growing communities, talented population, a people that still retains our ancient language, clan systems, and cultural practices. We are experienced in and welcome all sectors from industry to tourism and agriculture.

The Division of Economic Development (DED) is honored with the role of creating an environment that is conducive to promoting economic development in the Commercial, Tourism, Industrial, Small Business, agriculture. and other sectors of the Navajo Nation economy, thereby creating jobs and business opportunities for Navajos and non-Navajos alike. To get started click here.

Our current priorities are to create new job and revenue growth, utilize our growth centers to support growth of existing businesses, generate new business opportunities, and achieve major economic growth that ensures our children raise their families in our communities and stay near their elders. We are focused on efforts ranging from industry, retail, small business, and tourism development. We will support new and growing business owners each step of the way throughout the process of establishing your business. This site is your first step in becoming familiar with who we are and what we can offer you.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the information on this site. I highly recommend you spend time in the “Doing Business” section; it will give you a feel for our Programs and Business Incentives. You won’t want to miss the “Tribal Development” section to discover new business opportunities and uncover our current economic strategies. The “Fast Facts” and “Infrastructure” areas provide specific data about the nation itself.

We would enjoy speaking with you about your venture and our services. Contact us directly if you’d like to discuss your thoughts.

Ahxehee! Thank you for your interest in doing business on the Navajo Nation.

Tony Skrelunas, MBA | Division Director
Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development

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