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Industrial Park Management

The Division of Economic Develpment manages eight (8) industrial parks strategically located throughout the Navajo Nation, offering developed and undeveloped sites with convenient access to transportation routes and competitive rental rates. Our tenants include a diverse range of businesses contributing to economic growth and employment opportunities.

Updated March 5, 2024

Industrial Park Occupancy Status

Available: 55 Acres
Total: 55 Acres

Dennehotso Yazzie Acres

Located just 20 miles east of Kayenta, Arizona and adjacent to Arizona State Highway 160.

Available: 99 Acres
Total: 100 Acres

Leupp Industrial

Located 1 mile from the Highway 99 and adjacent to Navajo Route 15, just 20 miles north of Interstate 40 in Leupp, Arizona.

Available: 10 Acres
Total: 76 Acres

Church Rock Industrial Park

Adjacent to Interstate 40 and NM Highway 118 in Church Rock, New Mexico.

Available: 320 Acres
Total: 320 Acres

Shush Be Toh Industrial Park

Located parallel to Interstate 40 and NM Highway 118 in Iyanbito, New Mexico.

Available: 40 Acres
Total: 50 Acres

Shiprock Industrial

Located adjacent to NM Highway 491 and 30 miles west of Farmington, New Mexico in Shiprock, New Mexico.

Available: 3 Lots
Total: 350 Acres

NAPI Industrial Park

Located 7 miles south of Farmington, New Mexico, off of BIA Route 54 (frontage road) adjacent to NM Highway 371, NAPI, New Mexico.

Available: 10 Acres
Total: 100 Acres

NFPI Navajo Industrial Park

Located in Navajo, New Mexico adjacent to Navajo Route 12.

Available: 38 Acres
Total: 38 Acres

Cedar Point Industrial Site - Newlands

Located off I-40 at exit 341, 20 miles from the New Mexico/Arizona state border. This site is within the Newlands community.

Available: 305 Acres
Total: 305 Acres

Thoreau Industrial Site

Located in Thoreau, New Mexico 1 mile south of NM Highway 371.

Available: FULL
Total: 30 Acres


Located adjacent to AZ Highway 191 in Chinle, Arizona

Available: FULL
Total: 50 Acres

Fort Defiance

Located at the intersection of Navajo Route 12 and Navajo Route 5 in Fort Defiance, Arizona.