Weaving the Dreams of Prosperity

Threads of Resilience

Small Business Owners & Artisans still experiencing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic can now apply for 2024 Navajo Nation ASB Grants funded by ARPA. 

Review the eligibility requirements and click the button below to apply. Or call 928-370-4481 for more information.

Make Sure You Meet the Requirements!

Ensuring that you meet the following criteria is essential when applying for either the Navajo Nation Artisan Relief Grant or the Navajo Nation Small Business Relief Grants. 


Applicants who were previously awarded grants are not eligible for additional funds.

Helpful Videos About Your ASB Grant Application
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With a renewed sense of hope and determination, this third phase aims to reach even more individuals, bolstering economic revival, fostering innovation, and ultimately weaving a tapestry of prosperity for the entire Navajo Nation. Together, we embrace the future with optimism, celebrating the strength and perseverance of our community.

President Dr. Buu Nygren