The Navajo Nation does not permit an individual or company to purchase land on the reservation. However we do lease properties and can assist with leasing land for development. For more information visit the Getting Started section of this website to contact a business development representative.

There are three types of leasing programs available, applications can be downloaded below:

Business Site Lease
If you want to build and maintain a physical structure on Navajo land, you will need to engage in a Business Site Lease. Obtaining a business site lease takes anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the availability of land and the approval process which involves both the Navajo Nation and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Industrial Site Lease
The Industrial Site Lease is much easier to obtain because the land is already commercially zoned and contains structures with utilities and amenities. For more information on Industrial properties available and technical assistance

Navajo Nation Shopping Center Lease
Shopping Centers are quasi-enterprise, created by the Navajo Nation to enhance economic development. Other Shopping Centers exist throughout the reservation and are privately managed under the The Navajo Nation Shopping Centers Inc.