Forging A New Business Environment

The Navajo Nation is committed to providing new business opportunities and partnerships with individuals, small business owners, and large commercial/industrial and tourism establishments. In order to become more efficient and accessible, we are working to upgrade and implement our programs to benefit these burgeoning business relationships. We are working to:

  • Revise the Business Site Lease regulations
  • Implement the Local Governance Act
  • Develop land use planning measures
  • Finance small business development
  • Create job opportunities
  • Expand new and private business to the reservation
  • Recognize business opportunities in tourism, commercial and real estate development, use of natural resources, and infrastructure improvements.

Tribal development is all about you—whether you are a Navajo or a non-Navajo interested in partnering with us to accomplish this mission. You will find that your business concept will fit right in here or that your expanding operations can include the viable Navajo workforce.