Tribal Enterprises on the Navajo Nation

Tribal Enterprises
The Navajo Nation is the largest employer on the reservation. Creating employment opportunities for people develops local economies as workers build feasible lifestyles and infuse their communities with small business development, revenue generation, and local consumption. There are 12 enterprises on the Navajo Nation, owned and operated by the Navajo tribe.

• Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA)
• Navajo Agricultural Products Industry (NAPI)
• Navajo Arts & Crafts Enterprise (NACE)
• Navajo Nation Hospitality Enterprise (NNHE)
• KTNN/KWRK Radio Stations
• Dine’ Power Authority (DPA)
• Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Company, Inc. (NNOGC)
• Navajo Nation Shopping Centers (NNSC)
• The Navajo Times
• Navajo Transit System (NTS)
• Navajo Engineering & Construction Authority (NECA)
• Navajo Housing Authority (NHA)