Successful Business Developers on the Navajo Nation

Navajo Generating Station

“Having operated on the Reservation since 1968 with the inception of the Navajo Generating Station, we recognize the value of our Navajo workforce.

As we near the completion of a major construction project at NGS – a project that crested with over 600 craftsmen of various trades, of which no less than 95% were Navajo – we further acknowledge their skills and abilities.

The Navajo resources are a vital part of our success in providing reliable and cost-effective electrical service to the Southwest.”

Charlie Brumback, Plant Manager
Navajo Generating Systems

Raytheon Missile Systems

“‘Dine’ Naanish ‘Iliigo Yee Da’ ahota’ translates to, ‘Quality is the Navajo way.’ This belief has been prominently displayed in our factory since opening in July of 1989. The Navajos’ manufacturing ability and quality is next to none. It is in their culture through the many years of jewelry making, weaving of their rugs and blankets and an extremely positive work ethic. Our Navajo employees produce a high-quality product on time and at cost.”

Robert Joe
Plant Manager
NAPI Facility
Raytheon Missile Systems