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Elaine Young
Department Manager
Small Business Development Department
Division of Economic Development
The Navajo Nation

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 Jennifer Jones
Administrative Assistant
Small Business Development Department
Division of Economic Development
The Navajo Nation

(928) 871-6704

A Word from our Department Manager

Internet Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the Small Business Development Department on our Navajo Business website. Our department is dedicated to expanding economic development on the Navajo Nation.

Please contact one of the seven Regional Business Development Offices to see how we are able to assist you in growing your business.

Small Business Development

The Navajo Nation, through its Small Business Regional Business Development Offices, provides management assistance to current and prospective small business owners by providing a wide variety of information and guidance through seven branch locations. It enhances economic development by providing technical assistance not only to small business developers but also to local Chapters, communities, business associations, and other organizations with local planning and promotion of business and economic development activities.

They also administer the Micro-Enterprise Loan Program (MELP) as a major participant to provide loan application reviews that will ensure compliance with loan guidelines. The RBDO’s will assist you with the following services:

  • Writing business plans
  • Negotiating and processing business site leases
  • Designing marketing plans
  • Assisting with regulatory compliance
  • Setting up bookkeeping/record keeping systems
  • Providing computer usage
  • Assisting with acquiring land for development
  • Assisting with bid preparations
  • Business educational seminars
  • Assembling loan packages or financial plans
  • Instruction in using computers for business applications
  • Providing business-related training classes and seminars

SBDD Vision

The long-term goal of the Small Business Development Department envisions a self-sufficient Navajo economy, which includes a viable small business sector, where there are numerous financially healthy small businesses providing goods and services at the local level. Small businesses will be the backbone of the Navajo economy, providing employment opportunities and generating personal wealth, all in harmony with the natural beauty and unique culture that exists within the Navajo Nation.


SBDD Mission Statement

The mission of the Small Business Development Department is to provide services at the local level that promote, develop and support the small business sector of the Navajo Nation economy. The services, provided to a broad range of clientele, include technical assistance with local community planning, land withdrawals and clearances, business site leasing, site development, business plan development, loans, micro-loans, training and leadership through the approval processes. The ultimate mission is to help the Navajo Nation reach the long-term goals as outlined in the vision statement.

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