Opportunities Offered By The Navajo Nation

The opportunities for starting or expanding a business on the Navajo Nation are not limited to members of the tribe, but also include special programs for Navajo-owned businesses. The Navajo Nation offers the following programs: Financial Assistance, Leasing, Certification for Navajo Businesses and many more.

We will work in cooperation with your firm to create a productive relationship between you and our Nation. Consider the programs and services that we have to offer when making your next business destination choice.

Opportunities for Navajo or Native-Owned Businesses:
Navajo Business Opportunity Act Title 5, Chapter 2: This law requires that business entities within the Navajo Nation issuing requests for bids are to provide certified Navajo-owned businesses the opportunity to bid on projects (purchase of materials or service). Navajo-owned businesses can obtain “first opportunity” in procurement of contracts.