Past and Present Projects Throughout Navajo

New & Existing Developments

White Cone Commercial Development
Phase I – Site Development is in the bid process to prepare a 4.0 acre tract of land in White Cone, AZ, a southwestern community for future business. The target business is a 8,000-10,000 square foot retail center that includes a gas station, convenience store, laundry and a small sit down eating operation.

Sawmill Retail Center
Site Development for a small retail center currently being advertised for bids. Target business for the 3.0 acre tract of land in Sawmill, AZ includes a gas station and convenience store.

Karigan Housing Development-Phase II
Phase II development of housing on Karigan Estates in St. Michaels, AZ will begin in July 2004. The project is in continuation of home ownership on fee lands located at Karigan Estates.

Newlands Shopping Center

Infrastructure planning and development to accommodate to a future full-scale shopping center at Sanders, AZ is in the architect and engineering stages. The project will provide for tenant recruitment and construction of a commercial facility to accommodate to the Newlands community.

Download our projects in development for a list of what the Navajo Nation is currently working on.

Past Developments

  • Dilkon Shopping Center
  • Pinon Shopping Center
  • Crownpoint Shopping Center
  • Tuba City Shopping Center
  • Shiprock Shopping Center
  • Pine Hill Shopping Center
  • Kayenta Shopping Center
  • St. Michaels Shopping Center
  • Karigan Professional Office Complex (This is a two-story, 28,000 + square-foot office building constructed on 2.28 acres of land at St. Michaels, Arizona. Tenants currently include: The Division of Economic Development, The Fort Defiance Regional Business Development Office and The Office of the Navajo Tax Commission.)

  • Karigan Child Care Center
  • Karigan Housing – Phase I (In 1994, the Navajo Nation purchased 113 acres of private land known as Karigan Estates.The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development has the responsibility for developing Karigan Estates and is coordinating, through a developer, the sale of these homes.)

  • Kayenta Burger King Infrastructure
  • Burnside Chevron/Burger King Infrastructure
  • McDonalds – Window Rock
  • Church’s Chicken – Window Rock
  • U.S. Post Office – Window Rock