Our Future Economic Development Goals

The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development has three major development goals for the near future: Industrial, Tourism, and Commercial and Real Estate Development. Development in these areas will produce base industry growth and job creation.

Industrial Development
Economic development and manufacturing is considered to be the most important aspect of industry. There are five industrial plants in operation on the Navajo Nation:

• Raytheon at the NAPI Industrial Park
• MechTronics of Arizona in the Fort Defiance Industrial Park
• TDI in the Leupp Industrial Park
• Southwest Cabinet at the Church Rock Industrial Park
• Gallup Camper Sales

Considering the paramount importance of manufacturing, the Division is actively recruiting new industrial businesses, of which the important ones are:

• Latex Glove Manufacturing Plant
• Montezuma Creek Sewing Factory
• BCDS Manufacturing Operation
• Housing Panel Manufacturing
• Indian Tribal Economic Alliance (ITEA)