Commercial & Real Estate

Commercial & Real Estate Development
Office and retail space development has been initiated by Chuska/Sahara, utilizing private financing and using the Bureau of Indian Affairs loan guarantee program at various sites. The sites are:

  • White Cone Commercial Development – Phase I development is in the bid process to prepare a 4.0 acre tract of land in White Cone, AZ, a southwestern community for future business. The target business is an 8,000-10,000 square foot retail center that includes a gas station, convenience store, laundry and a small sit-down eating operation.
  • Karigan Housing Development Phase II – Phase II development of housing on Karigan Estates in St. Michaels, AZ will began in July, 2004. The project is a continuation of home ownership on fee lands located at Karigan Estates.
  • Sawmill Retail Center – Site Development for a small retail center currently being advertised for bids. Target business for the 3.0 acre tract of land in Sawmill, AZ includes a gas station and convenience store.
  • Newlands Shopping Center – Infrastructure planning and development to accommodate a future full-scale shopping center at Sanders, AZ is in the architect and engineering stages. The project will provide for tenant recruitment and construction of a commercial facility to accommodate the Newlands community.
  • Tuba City Office and Retail Complex (42,000 sq. ft.) Completion date is June, 2004
  • Kayenta Office and Retail Complex
  • Shiprock Office and Retail Complex
  • Dilkon Office and Retail Complex
  • Fort Defiance Office and Retail Complex
  • Crownpoint Office and Retail Complex