Commercial & Industrial Development

The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development has three major development goals for the near future: Industrial, Tourism, and Commercial and Real Estate Development. Development in these areas will produce base industry growth and job creation.

Industrial Development
Eeconomic development and manufacturing is considered to be the most important aspect of industry. There are five industrial plants in operation on the Navajo Nation:

• Raytheon at the NAPI Industrial Park
• MechTronics of Arizona in the Fort Defiance Industrial Park
• TDI in the Leupp Industrial Park
• Southwest Cabinet at the Church Rock Industrial Park
• Gallup Camper Sales

Considering the paramount importance of manufacturing, the Division is actively recruiting new industrial businesses, of which the important ones are:

• Latex Glove Manufacturing Plant
• Montezuma Creek Sewing Factory
• BCDS Manufacturing Operation
• Housing Panel Manufacturing
• Indian Tribal Economic Alliance (ITEA)

We provide the technical assistance to develop, expand and retain commercial and industrial prospects that will contribute toward the economic growth of your community. Through our Project Development and Industrial Development Process, we will work with you to secure, expand or retain businesses for commercial and industrial development from site development to full operations. We will also assist you with obtaining a Shopping Center or Industrial Park space.

Other Services:

  • Project management and contract administration for commercial and industrial projects.
  • Securing, expanding and retaining businesses for Navajo Nation communities.
  • Securing financing for large scale commercial/industrial projects.
  • Technical assistance for completion of business site leases; industrial/commercial recruitment.
  • Management of architect & engineering, general construction and professional service contracts.
  • Completing required clearances and site development for commercial/industrial projects.
  • Monitoring market feasibility contracts for commercial/industrial projects.

Industrial Parks

The Navajo Nation currently manages eight industrial parks located throughout the reservation, which were designed to offer tenants both developed and undeveloped sites with easy market access by truck or rail, as well as low rental and utility rates. See website at

The Navajo Nation
The Navajo Nation – Project Development Department
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(505) 863-6414 (New Mexico)
(928) 871-6504 (Arizona)

Navajo Nation Shopping Centers

To support business and economic development, the Navajo Nation Council created the Navajo Nation Shopping Center (NNSC), a quasi-enterprise, in 1983. Since then, the NNSC has become a corporation and is responsible for its own management and recruitment.

Through the NNSC, business owners may lease shopping center space to house such businesses as laundries, theatres, supermarkets, fast food franchises, gas stations, retail outlets, and offices. Currently, there are a total of nine shopping center locations.

For more information on lease space availability and shopping center locations, contact the The Navajo Nation Shopping Centers Inc.

Project Development Process

The project development process is comprehensive and provides a clear direction to overall project management-related activities and tasks. Click here to view our projects currently in development, as well as our goals and past developments thus far.

The Navajo Nation
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