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Navajo Nation Corporation Act: Forms & Downloads

Register your Business
Navajo Nation Corporation Act Title 5, Chapter 19 : All corporate businesses must register as a foreign or domestic corporation as a means to gain permission to conduct business on the Navajo Nation. This registration process permits the formation of various corporate entities comprised of individuals, officers, and/or investors.

If your business is already incorporated with the state, the Navajo Nation considers your company a “foreign corporation” and you must file the following:

  • 2 applications for Certificate of Authority, both with original signatures
  • 2 copies of your state-certified Articles of Incorporation, including any amendments
  • Certified of Good Standing or Certified of Existance.

If your business is not yet incorporated, you will need to decide under what entity you will organize;

  • Domestic For Profit Corporation
  • Close Corporation [a company that has a manager(s)]
  • Nonprofit Corporation
  • Agricultural Cooperative

Once you are registered with the Navajo Nation, you will need to file an Annual Report; communicate any changes in registered agents or company addresses; and alert the nation of any major company restructuring or significant organizational change through an Amendment process.

Report company status change to the Navajo Nation

  • Registered agents
  • Company addresses
  • Any major company restructuring or significant organizational change.
  • All changes must have a corporate resolution attached.

See also the filing fee schedule below for each of these activities. All Fees to be paid in Money Orders or Cashier’s Check ONLY.


NBOA Priority Certification Application

Certificate of Authority Application

Incorporating Domestic For Profit Corporation

Incorporating a Close Corporation

Incorporating Agricultural Cooperatives

Incorporating a NonProfit Corporation

Change of Registererd Agent Form

Change of Address for Registered Agent

Application for Amendment

Annual Report

NCC Filing Fee Schedule

NCC Filing Fee Schedule

Re-Certification Requirements

Re-Certify Your Business
Staying up to date with your business certifications is a key component in maintaining a good relationship with our offices. Please refer to the following re-certification forms prior to expiration dates.


Re-Certification Application

Past Projects Form

Regulatory Environment

This section covers federal laws as they apply to Navajo commercial entities and does not cover general or federal laws or interstate commerce rules.

Taxation on the Navajo Nation

Oil & Gas Severance Tax
Possessory Interest Tax
Activity Tax
Construction Activity Tax
Hotel Occupancy Tax


General Business Activities

The Navajo Nation has enacted the following ordinances to regulate business activity on the reservation.

Navajo Business Opportunity Act
Title 5, Chapter 2
Requires that business entities within the Navajo Nation issuing requests for bids provide certified Navajo-owned businesses first opportunity to bid on projects (purchase of materials or professional service).
Navajo Nation Business Site Leasing Act of 1987
Title 5, Chapter 11
Governs new business site leases on previously withdrawn or leased land, including but not limited to: industrial parks, shopping centers, trading post sites, and other commercial leases.
Navajo Uniform Commercial Code Title 5A Governs the sale of goods, enforcement of contracts, remedies for breaches of contract, obligations, and liabilities of those using negotiable instruments in transactions, and procedures for a creditor to enforce security interests.
Navajo Corporation Act
Title 5, Chapter 19
Provides for the registration of corporate entities requesting permission to conduct business or non-business transactions within the Navajo Nation.
Navajo Business Procurement Act Title 12, Chapter 15 Prevents the Navajo Nation from issuing any lease permit or lease renewals, contracts, loans, or money to any person or business entity who: owes outstanding debts to the Navajo Nation, has failed to meet a material or contractual obligation to the Navajo Nation, or has failed to comply with applicable laws, and has been found to have engaged in unlawful or criminal offenses within the previous ten years.
Fuel Distributors Licensing Act Title 24 Requires that all businesses distributing fuel within the Navajo Nation obtain a license from the office of the Navajo tax commission.
Navajo Preference in Employment:
Per 5 NNC §300-319
Per 5, NNC, Title 15, Chapter 7, was enacted to expand and to protect employment and training opportunities for Navajo workers within the Navajo Nation. In addition, construction contractors are subject to payment of the Navajo Nation prevailing wage rate for non-federally financed construction projects.
Repossession of Personal Property Title 7, Chapter 5 Provides legal procedures for repossession of personal property specific to the Navajo Nation.


Other Regulatory Requirements

There are other regulatory requirements by the Navajo Nation not administered by the Division of Economic Development.

The Navajo Tax Commission presently administers and enforces six different tax laws that businesses must comply with. For a list of the current tax laws

Navajo Tax Commission
Office of the Navajo Tax Commission
PO Box 1903
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-6681

Preferential Employment
The Navajo Preference in Employment Act (Navajo Nation Code Title 15, Chapter 7) was enacted to expand and to protect employment and training opportunities for Navajo Workers within the Navajo Nation. The ordinance requires preferential employment of Navajos by non-Government employers operating within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation. In addition, construction contractors are subject to payment of the Navajo Nation Prevailing Wage Rate for non-federally financed construction projects. For more information contact:

Office of Navajo Labor Relations
PO Box Drawer 1943
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-6800/6801

Environmental Requirements
The Navajo Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) was established in 1972. In conjunction with the US Environmental Protection Agency, NEPA protects the Navajo people and their environment from various forms of contamination and insures compliance with applicable environmental laws. Prospective businesses are encouraged to contact NEPA for information on local regulations governing environmental assessments and other clearances.

For more information contact:

Navajo Department of Environmental Protection
PO Box 339
Window Rock, AZ 86515
(928) 871-7692